Taichi at Southampton Common

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has collaborated with the Southampton University Confucius Institute (SUCI) again, to offer free Taichi lessons to the public at Southampton Common. The first free Taichi series at Southampton Common was organised by CAS and CI during the summer of 2018. Another free Taichi series at Southampton Common was conducted in the summer of 2019.


In the far East, it is very common for the general public to practice Taichi for health benefits, in the park where fresh air is available. It is a very good exercise and also an attractive cultural diversity that both CAS and SUCI aim to introduce to Southampton. The participants of these Taichi lessons have also been invited to perform at various cultural events at Southampton.



2 thoughts on “Taichi at Southampton Common

  1. Deb Lewis says:

    Are you offering Tai Chi either in Southampton Common or somewhere else nearby? If so, when, where and at what time? I have a shoulder injury and Tai Chi was recommended; I also took a class at Solent Uni which was really enjoyable. Many thanks.
    Kind regards.

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