2021 南安普敦的農曆新年慶祝 Chinese New Year Celebrations at Southampton 2021

  1. Wednesday 10/2/2021 at 11am: 南安大學孔子學院 Southampton University Confucious Institute
  2. Sunday 14/2/2021 at 5pm: 南安普敦華人協會 Chinese Association of Southampton
  3. Sunday 14/2/2021 at 7:30pm: 英國少林寺 UK Shaolin Temple
  4. 10/2/2021 to 28/2/2021: 南安大學孔子學院 Southampton University Confucious Institute

2020年回顧 和 2021年會籍 2020 Review and 2021 Membership


願大家安好。南安普敦華人協會於 2020年3月4日在聯誼活動中心聚會後,距今已經超過九個月沒有在 聯誼活動中心見面了。雖然期間英國經歷了兩次封城,協會依然盡力看顧我們的會員。過去九個月,協會為會員們送上了重要物資如口罩、手套、食物 等等。我們也錄製了一些關於運動、繪畫、手工和幸福講座的視頻 讓會員們在協會網站上看。同時,協會的‘同一天空下’電臺節目並沒有停止,依然每週一下午六點播出。另外,協會於10月1日舉辦了一次網上中秋節慶祝活動。我們也於12月20日在網上一起慶祝 聖誕節。

由於疫情的緣故,協會的活動深受影響。我們不能在聯誼活動中心進行活動,也不必交租金。另外,協會的委員們都是無薪義工,所以協會的開銷反而減低了。因此,協會委員會 決定 讓擁有2020年會籍的會員 免費享有2021年的會籍。新會員和沒有2020年會籍的舊會員 也只需 為2021年的會籍 付上 10英鎊會費,而不是原本的15英鎊會費。新的學生會員也只需 為2021年的會籍 付上 5英鎊會費,而不是原本的8英鎊會費。 [會籍表]


在此祝福大家 新年快樂 身體健康 百毒不侵。

黃嵩鈞 博士
南安普敦華人協會 會長

Dear members,

I hope that you all are keeping well. It has been over 9 months since our last gathering at the Drop-in Centre on Wednesday 4th March 2020. Despite the two lockdowns during these 9 months, the Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has put on various efforts to cater for the needs of our members. More specifically, we have delivered important materials including facemasks, gloves and foods to our members. We have produced videos on exercise, paintings, crafts and happiness talks, which are available on our website for our members. Our ‘Under the Same Sky’ community radio programme did not stop but has continued to broadcast every Monday at 6pm. Furthermore, we have had our online Mid-Autumn festival event on 1st October 2020. We had  our Christmas celebration event online using Zoom on 20th December 2020.

Due to the pandemic, CAS activities have been significantly affected and reduced since March 2020. However, we do not need to pay for the rent at our Drop-in Centre and CAS committee members are unpaid volunteers. Hence, the expenditure in CAS has also been reduced. For these reasons, the committee has decided that CAS members who have valid membership in 2020, will enjoy a free membership for 2021. All new members or old members who did not have valid membership in 2020, only need to pay £10 instead of the original £15 fee, for attaining the 2021 membership. All new student members only need to pay £5 instead of the original £8 fee, for attaining the 2021 membership. [membership form]

When the epidemic is over, we will return to the Drop-in Center for gatherings. If there is any latest development or activity, we will communicate on the Association website and WhatsApp group. Please contact any of the committee members if you require assistance from the Association, we will do our best to help.

Wish you a good health and a Happy New Year.

Dr Michael Ng
Chairperson of the Chinese Association of Southampton

Confronting COVID-related Hate: Standing with Britain’s Chinese, East, & South East Asian Communities


New Project Launching today 7/12/2020! We’re proud to be part of a new network of 21 British Chinese, East and Southeast Asian community organizations across England for the “Confronting COVID-related Hate: Standing with Britain’s Chinese, East, & South East Asian Communities” project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund Grant and the London Funders Community Response Fund. We will receive training and funding as we continue to support our communities confront COVID-related hate and racism. More information at the link below:


慶祝 中秋節 和 中國國慶 2020 Mid-Autumn and China National Celebration

雖然受到疫情的影響,南安普敦華人協會 仍然 有機會 於2020年 慶祝 中秋節和中國國慶。感謝 協會委員,義工和支持者們。

Despite the pandemic, the Chinese Association of Southampton still managed to celebrate Mid-Autumn and China National Day in 2020. Special thanks to the committee members, volunteers and supporters of the Association.

捐給英國南安普敦的醫療物資 Delivery of Medical Supplies to Southampton U.K.

南安普敦華人協會 和 南安普敦大學學生組織者們 於2020年2月8日 開始 為抗擊疫情募捐。我們感謝各界熱心人士的支持和協助 讓我們 獲得價值 £13728.92 的物資。我們於3月2日 和 3月9日 各別捐了 300件保护服 和 兩台呼吸機(價值£9068.92) 給中國信陽市中心醫院。 我們捐贈給英國南安普敦的醫療物資(價值£4660) 詳情如下:

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) and student organizers from the University of Southampton started a fundraising campaign on 8th Feb 2020, to fight against the corona virus epidemic. We are grateful to all kind-hearted people for their support and assistance, which enabled us to obtain medical supplies that worth £13728.92. We have donated 300 protective suits on 2nd March and two breathing machines on 9th March, to Xinyang Central Hospital in China, which worth £9068.92. Our donation of medical supplies (worth £4660) to Southampton U.K. is detailed below:





    • 5月22日 我們把籌款餘數(£1710)買了 300個N95口罩 和 1350個醫用口罩 捐給了 英國南安大學醫院。
      22nd May, we purchased 300 N95 face masks and 1350 medical face masks using the remaining fund (£1710) for donation to University Hospital Southampton.


我們感謝您對南安普敦華人協會的支持 以及 你們對 一線醫務人員應對新冠疫情 的熱心協助。感謝名單上160位捐贈者。
We thank you for your support to the Chinese Association of Southampton and for your kind assistance to the frontline medical staff for fighting the corona virus pandemic. Special thanks to the 160 kind hearted people in the donation list.

我也要感謝南安普敦華人協會的每位委員 以及 南安普敦大學學生組織者們 為抗擊疫情 做出的努力。
I would also like to thank all committee members in CAS as well as all student organizers from the University of Southampton for their efforts invested in fighting the corona virus pandemic.


祝大家身體健康 百毒不侵。
I wish you all good health and robust against viruses.

黃嵩鈞 博士
南安普敦華人協會 會長
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton Chairperson

幫忙南安抗擊新冠疫情 和 支持 國民保健署 Help Southampton to Fight COVID-19 and Support NHS

國民保健署(NHS) 的医务人员一直是我们的健康监护人,现在是我们支持他们的时候了! 请參加我们的筹款活动, 所有善款將用于购买医疗用品捐贈給南安普敦大学医院以對抗新型冠狀病毒疫情。

The medical staffs at NHS have always been there as our health guardians, it is now time for us to support them! Please join our fundraising campaign, all donations will be used to purchase medical supplies for University Hospital Southampton to sight COVID-19.


英國華社和英國中醫抗疫援助名單 List of UK Chinese Community and Chinese Medicine Volunteers Fighting Against the Pandemic

籌款總數 Fundraising amount