Confronting COVID-related Hate: Standing with Britain’s Chinese, East, & South East Asian Communities


New Project Launching today 7/12/2020! We’re proud to be part of a new network of 21 British Chinese, East and Southeast Asian community organizations across England for the “Confronting COVID-related Hate: Standing with Britain’s Chinese, East, & South East Asian Communities” project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund Grant and the London Funders Community Response Fund. We will receive training and funding as we continue to support our communities confront COVID-related hate and racism. More information at the link below:


慶祝 中秋節 和 中國國慶 2020 Mid-Autumn and China National Celebration

雖然受到疫情的影響,南安普敦華人協會 仍然 有機會 於2020年 慶祝 中秋節和中國國慶。感謝 協會委員,義工和支持者們。感謝 游記 給我們月餅和梨子的優惠。
Despite the pandemic, the Chinese Association of Southampton still managed to celebrate Mid-Autumn and China National Day in 2020. Special thanks to the committee members, volunteers and supporters of the Association. Thank you Yau Bros for giving us a good discount in mooncakes and pears.

捐給英國南安普敦的醫療物資 Delivery of Medical Supplies to Southampton U.K.

南安普敦華人協會 和 南安普敦大學學生組織者們 於2020年2月8日 開始 為抗擊疫情募捐。我們感謝各界熱心人士的支持和協助 讓我們 獲得價值 £13728.92 的物資。我們於3月2日 和 3月9日 各別捐了 300件保护服 和 兩台呼吸機(價值£9068.92) 給中國信陽市中心醫院。 我們捐贈給英國南安普敦的醫療物資(價值£4660) 詳情如下:

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) and student organizers from the University of Southampton started a fundraising campaign on 8th Feb 2020, to fight against the corona virus epidemic. We are grateful to all kind-hearted people for their support and assistance, which enabled us to obtain medical supplies that worth £13728.92. We have donated 300 protective suits on 2nd March and two breathing machines on 9th March, to Xinyang Central Hospital in China, which worth £9068.92. Our donation of medical supplies (worth £4660) to Southampton U.K. is detailed below:





    • 5月22日 我們把籌款餘數(£1710)買了 300個N95口罩 和 1350個醫用口罩 捐給了 英國南安大學醫院。
      22nd May, we purchased 300 N95 face masks and 1350 medical face masks using the remaining fund (£1710) for donation to University Hospital Southampton.


我們感謝您對南安普敦華人協會的支持 以及 你們對 一線醫務人員應對新冠疫情 的熱心協助。感謝名單上160位捐贈者。
We thank you for your support to the Chinese Association of Southampton and for your kind assistance to the frontline medical staff for fighting the corona virus pandemic. Special thanks to the 160 kind hearted people in the donation list.

我也要感謝南安普敦華人協會的每位委員 以及 南安普敦大學學生組織者們 為抗擊疫情 做出的努力。
I would also like to thank all committee members in CAS as well as all student organizers from the University of Southampton for their efforts invested in fighting the corona virus pandemic.


祝大家身體健康 百毒不侵。
I wish you all good health and robust against viruses.

黃嵩鈞 博士
南安普敦華人協會 會長
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton Chairperson

幫忙南安抗擊新冠疫情 和 支持 國民保健署 Help Southampton to Fight COVID-19 and Support NHS

國民保健署(NHS) 的医务人员一直是我们的健康监护人,现在是我们支持他们的时候了! 请參加我们的筹款活动, 所有善款將用于购买医疗用品捐贈給南安普敦大学医院以對抗新型冠狀病毒疫情。

The medical staffs at NHS have always been there as our health guardians, it is now time for us to support them! Please join our fundraising campaign, all donations will be used to purchase medical supplies for University Hospital Southampton to sight COVID-19.


英國華社和英國中醫抗疫援助名單 List of UK Chinese Community and Chinese Medicine Volunteers Fighting Against the Pandemic

籌款總數 Fundraising amount

南安普敦市政府的支持 Support from Southampton City Council

3月19日 下午 南安普敦華人協會和大學生 會見了 南安市政府的總領導 Cllr Christopher Hammond。他知道最近針對中國學生和居民的歧視仇恨犯罪事件。 我們向他匯報了這些事情的更多細節,他也向我們保證了 南安普敦市政府的全力支持。

In the afternoon of 19th March, the Chinese Association of Southampton and University Students have met the Leader of Southampton City Council, Cllr. Christopher Hammond. He is aware of the recent discrimination and hate crime incidents against the Chinese students and residents. We presented further details of these incidents to him and we received assurance from him of the full support from the Southampton City Council.

給 所有人 的發表。The address to everyone.

給 所有在南安普敦的學生和市民 的發表。The address to all students and residents at Southampton.


Cllr Christopher Hammond 也說:“感謝你們過來會見並強調目前市內仇恨犯罪的增加。我們非常重視這些事件,並將與警方合作,努力防止這些犯罪並懲罰肇事者。”

南安普敦華人協會 和 南安中國學生學者聯誼會 與 市政府,警察,大學 以及 各社區團體 緊密合作,以維護大家的安全。

Cllr Christopher Hammond also said: “Thanks for coming in and highlighting the current increase in hate crime in the city. We take these incidences very seriously and will be working with the police to try and prevent these crimes and punish the perpetrators.”

The Chinese Associaton of Southampton (CAS) and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA-Soton) are working closely with the City Council, the police, the university and various community groups, in order to safeguard our safety.


黃嵩鈞 博士
南安普敦華人協會 會長
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton Chairperson

南安華人協會和學生一起抗擊歧視 Chinese Association of Southampton and Students Fight against Discrimination

A hate crime was committed by a group of teenagers against 4 Chinese university students (3 females and 1 male) at a private accommodation near Southampton city centre on Tue 17/3/2020. The case was reported to the police promptly. The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA-Soton) were also contacted. The CAS, CSSA-Soton and local Chinese residents/students have had a meeting with the student victims and police officers at the Szechuan Kitchen restaurant on Wed 18/3/2020. Some students joined the meeting through a mobilephone app. Student victims were reassured that the community and the police are working closely to support them against any hate crime. Everyone in the U.K. including foreign students are treated equally under the Bristish law. Police has increased the patrol at the vicinity of the affected student accommodation. The University of Southampton has condemned this incident of abuse targeted at members of the student community. The University Wellbeing team are in contact with the students to ensure that they are fully supported.

It is very unfortunate that COVID-19, which was first reported in China, has been linked to the Chinese people. However, not even the World Health Organization (WHO) is able to confirm the original source of COVID-19. As the pandemic worsen, hate crimes against innocent Chinese people has also risen. This is partly due to biased viewpoints by certain personnel as well as fake news and half-truth from social media. China is as big as Europe. Having a few bad people in Europe does not mean that all Europeans are bad. Similarly, finding a few bad Chinese people doesn’t mean that all Chinese people are bad.

At this difficult time, innocent people suffer from hate crime, naive people are misguided by half-truth… However, we are part of a big family, irrespective of skin-colour, language and culture. We all share the same DNA that could be infected by COVID-19. Instead of pointing fingers at certain group of people, we should care for each other as brothers and sisters, as parents and children, as friends and neighbours. The common enemy is COVID-19, not the innocent people on the street who also share the same fear as you and me. The innocent Chinese students suffering from hate crime also have parents, and in fact their parents might be suffering from COVID-19 right now in China.

According to the 2011 Census, the number of Chinese populations was about one percent of the total population. The current population of Southampton is about 250,000 people. We estimate that there are about 2500 Chinese people living in Southampton plus over 3,200 Chinese students from the University of Southampton in the 2019/2020 academic year. Students are very important for the university, in terms of finance and also in research. There are also local Chinese people working in the U.K. as businessmen, doctors, lawyers, professors, police officers etc.

Let us work together for a better world and a better future.

Dr Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton Chairperson


21/3/2020: Two teenagers were arrested.
22/3/2020: Three more teenagers were arrested.
30/4/2020: Updates from the police. So far 10 teenager suspects have been arrested or voluntarily interviewed under caution. There are no charges or cautions yet because the investigation is not at the stage that a decision can be made. Investigation is being professed diligently and expeditiously.
11/2/2021: After nearly a year of hardwork, the police finally submitted the investigation to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on 11/2/2021.
8/3/2021: The CPS has decided to charge three suspects with five offences in early March 2021.