Taichi at Southampton Common

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has collaborated with the Southampton University Confucius Institute (SUCI) again, to offer free Taichi lessons to the public at Southampton Common. The first free Taichi series at Southampton Common was organised by CAS and CI during the summer of 2018. Another free Taichi series at Southampton Common was conducted in the summer of 2019.


In the far East, it is very common for the general public to practice Taichi for health benefits, in the park where fresh air is available. It is a very good exercise and also an attractive cultural diversity that both CAS and SUCI aim to introduce to Southampton. The participants of these Taichi lessons have also been invited to perform at various cultural events at Southampton.



中國元宵節巡遊慶祝是另一個成功的社區節慶 Chinese Lantern Festival Parade is another successful community festival (17/2/2019)

當地時間2月17日,英國南安普敦華人協會與南安普敦大學、南安普敦大學孔子學院、南安普敦中國藝術學院、南安普敦市議會和約翰漢薩德畫廊(John Hansard)聯合舉辦了中國元宵節巡遊慶祝活動。估計有1400人在市政廳廣場和約翰·漢薩德美術館(JHG)參加了此次活動。
On 17th February 2019, the Chinese Association of Southampton celebrated the Chinese Lantern Festival in partnership with the University of Southampton, Confucius Institute, Chinese Arts Southampton, Southampton City Council and the John Hansard Gallery.  An estimated 1,400 people turned up at Guildhall Square and the John Hansard Gallery (JHG) to attend this event.

此次活動由南安普敦大學副校長Winnie Eley發起,南安普敦華人協會 參加了太極拳、舞獅舞龍表演 以及 組織30餘人義工 維護現場秩序,確保了巡遊活動的順利進行。下午五時,一段飄逸瀟灑的太極扇將巡遊拉開序幕。緊接著,氣勢恢宏的舞龍舞獅表演為當地市民和遊客獻上了具有東方神韻的視覺盛宴。人在龍中舞,獅在空中飛,舞龍舞獅行進式巡遊表演,帶領著多彩斑斕的人群穿越市中心,巡遊一英里,喜慶的龍獅並舞期待豬年風調雨順,大吉大利。
The Chinese Association of Southampton provided 30+ stewards for the lantern parade, as well as performers for Taichi Fan, Dragon dance and Lion dance. The event started at 3pm, where families are welcome to make their own lanterns at the lantern-making workshop inside the John Hansard Gallery, in preparation for the lantern parade at 5pm. The parade was launched by Winnie Eley, Vice President (International) of Southampton University, at 5pm and was kick-started by a Taichi Fan performance. Then a Chinese ‘dragon’ led the one-mile parade through the city centre, while a Chinese ‘lion’ protected the crowd at the back of the parade. Our 30+ stewards help to control the crowd and to guild the crowd crossing various junctions. They have done a superb job.

BCB Media創建了精彩的短視頻,展示了該活動的亮點。

The BCB Media created a wonderful short video at YouTube showcasing the highlights of the event.

我們的攝影師George Ping和其他志願者拍攝了大量優秀的活動圖片 放在南安普敦華人協會的Facebook頁面裡。

Our photographer George Ping and other volunteers have captured lots of excellent images of the event, which are available on the Chinese Association of Southampton Facebook page.

此次巡遊年味十足,熱鬧非凡,估計約有1400餘人聚集在南安普敦市中心。活動於下午3點開始,在約翰漢薩德畫廊畫廊內的燈籠製作工作室,很多家庭聚集在一起做起了燈籠,一個個精巧美觀的燈籠蘊含著他們無限的創意和對中國文化的傳承。當地新聞界廣泛報導,其中包括南安普敦大學新聞ITV新聞ITV社交媒體That’s TV SolentDaily Echo
The event was highly successful with an estimate of  1400 participants. It was widely reported across local news, including Southampton University Sussed NewsITV news and ITV social media, That’s TV Solent, as well as the Daily Echo.

此致, Yours sincerely,
黄嵩鈞 博士
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton
27th February 2019

多謝 洪彬姐 的中文解讀。

南安普敦的中國新年慶祝是個社區節慶 Chinese New Year celebration at Southampton is a Community Festival (3/2/2019)

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) and the Southampton University Confucius Institute (SUCI) have successfully celebrated another Chinese New Year at WestQuay Southampton on Sunday 3/2/2019.

First and foremost, CAS would like to express our appreciation to:
1. 南安普敦大學孔子學院聯合承辦,並提供豐富多彩的中國傳統文化工作坊 和兩位優雅的節目主持人。
Our co-organizer Southampton University Confucius Institute (SUCI) for their contributions, especially for the provision of various Chinese cultural workshops and the two attractive MCs.
2. 南安普敦最大的綜合商場西區碼頭購物中心提供場地支持。
Our host WestQuay Southampton for providing the venue.
3. 遊記中國超市,上海灘餐館,海宴超市,上海1814餐館,新世界餐館,破店中餐館,蜀香居藝園,劉姐藝剪理髮店,川味園,亞洲商城,新南安連鎖店,洪昇外賣店,禦滿源餐館,頂好美食,以及個人捐贈者給予經濟上的大力支持。
Our sponsors, namely Yau Brothers & Company Ltd, Shanghai Bay Chinese Restaurant, Hai Yan Store, Shanghai 1814 Chinese Restaurant, New World Chinese Restaurant, Por Tin Chinese Restaurant, Garden Restaurant, Vibe by Feng Unisex Hair Studio, Szechuen Kitchen, Asian Supermarket, Oriental Supermarket, Oriental Chinese Takeaway, Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant and Top Top Chinese Cuisine, as well as individual donors, for their financial support.
4. 我們的委員會會員和籌款者。
Our committee members and fundraisers.
5. 二十多位志願者全程參與了整個活動,包括我們的攝影師George Ping。
Our 20+ volunteers, including our cameraman George Ping, for their helps before, during and after the event.
6. 百餘名人員參與了演出,他們分別來自南安普敦華人協會,修咸頓忠信龍獅團,武壇武術館,南安普敦旗袍與文化協會,南安普敦中文學校,華韻藝社,南安普敦中國學者學生聯誼會,愛爾蘭舞蹈學院,南安普敦波蘭樂團以及聖瑪麗消防局。
Our 100+ performers from CAS, Waterside Lion Dance Club, Wutan Martial Arts School, Southampton Qipao & Culture Association, Dorset Chinese Art Society, Stax Band, Boyle O’Dowda Academy of Irish Dancers, Southampton Chinese School, Southampton University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and St. Mary Fire Station for providing various fantastic performances on stage.
7.  Tim Hand Production為演出活動提供擴音系統。
Tim Hand Production for the PA system.
8.  Matt Munday 為演出搭建了美輪美奐的舞台和背景。
Matt Munday for the backdrop frame and the stage.
9.  BBC Radio SolentDaily Echo 對本次活動進行跟踪報導。
BBC Radio Solent and Daily Echo for their coverage.
10. 我們重要貴賓的參與和支持。
Our VIP guests for supporting and attending the event.

2019年是中國 黄帝紀年 的 4717年。中國新年慶祝在南安普敦的是個重要的社區節日,華社能夠與公眾和本地社區分享 中國文化和傳統。
According to the Chinese Huangdi year (黄帝紀年), which started at the beginning of the reign of the Yellow Emperor with year 1 at 2698 BC, the year 2019 is the year 4717 in the Chinese Huangdi calendar. The Chinese New Year celebration is a community festival for the Chinese community to share the Chinese cultures and traditions with the general public and local communities.

中国农历新年庆祝活动现场吸引了上千名观众驻足观看,台上节目异彩纷呈,工作坊展台前的笔墨纸砚及剪纸吸引观众跃跃欲试,现场洋溢着浓浓的中国节日气氛。南安普敦華人協會主席,孔子學院院長,南安普敦市長 和 漢普郡警察和犯罪專員 分別緻辭並獻上新春的美好祝愿。

Thousand of people have watched the performances on stage and participated in the workshops at the open the floor. The celebration was officially opened with welcome speeches from the chairperson of CAS, the Director of SUCI, the Mayor of Southampton as well as the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


The Chinese New Year celebration started off with an exciting traditional Chinese lion dance by the Waterside Lion Dance Club followed by the festive Chinese New Year songs sung by the members of CAS.


Chinese dragon dance and kungfu display by Wutan Martial Arts School, are the next delightful performance.


The Dorset Chinese Art Society brought to us colorful Chinese Traditional Dances.


A Taichi Fan display was given by CAS, a bamboo flute was played by SUCI, while Chinese folk songs in English were sung by St. Mary Fire Station and the audience.


The Southampton Qipao & Culture Association (SQCA) gave a beautiful Qipao dance with traditional Guzeng instrument, while the youth of CAS and SQCA sang a pop song with modern instrument.


Some nice Chinese songs were sung by the Southampton Chinese School as well as by the Southampton University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), while a Taichi sequence was performed by Wutan Martial Arts School.

南安普敦波蘭樂團 和 愛爾蘭舞蹈學院 的 表演节目 令观众耳目一新。

We have also enjoyed a cultural band performance by the Stax Band as well as an Irish river dance by the Boyle O’Dowda Academy of Irish Dancers.


Our two attractive MCs have won the hearts of our audience. Cultural experience activities such as the calligraphy and paper-cutting attract endless participants.


The photographer used the lens to record some wonderful moments on-stage and behind the scenes. After the event, performers and volunteer workers took a group photo.

我們可以從 協會的相冊, Facebook 的 圖片庫 以及Daily EchoBBC Radio Solent 查看活動現場圖片信息。
Further media of the event are available at CAS Album, our facebook Photo Gallery as well as from the Daily Echo and BBC Radio Solent.

Thank you for your continual support to CAS. I wish you all a prosperous Year of the Earth Pig.

此致, Yours sincerely,
黄嵩鈞 博士
Dr. Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton
26th February 2019

多謝 洪彬姐 的中文解讀。