CAS Arts Group

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS), founded in 1999, is a culturally rich organization. Our unwavering mission is to promote Chinese arts, culture and traditions while enhancing the quality of life for the Chinese communities in and around Southampton.

At the core of CAS lies the CAS Arts Group, a vibrant ensemble dedicated to showcasing the diverse spectrum of Chinese artistic expressions. From the enchanting melodies of Chinese music, heartfelt singing and the graceful dance to the elegant of poetry,  exquisite Chinese painting and craftsmanship, we explore a multifaceted cultural landscape. Our domain also includes outstanding Chinese kungfu, graceful Tai Chi, energetic dragon and lion dances, and strategic Chinese chess. We also delve into the realm of digital arts in the contemporary world, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

We take pride in organizing the annual Chinese New Year celebrations at Southampton and actively participating in various community events, such as Southampton Mela and Eastleigh Mela, where we deliver captivating performances. Since our inception in 1999, the CAS Arts Group has diligently served as a bridge between the Chinese community and the broader public, offering a colorful glimpse into Chinese arts, culture and traditions. Step into the world of CAS Arts Group, where creativity knows no boundaries and traditions come alive with vibrant energy.