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The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has served the local Chinese community since 1999.

本著平等,正義,關懷 與 和諧的精神,我們與各方合作建立個 和諧幸福的社區,不分性别、政治 或 宗教观点。
Our vision:
With the spirit of equality, justice, caring and harmony, we collaborate with all parties for building a harmonious and happy community, without distinction of sex, political or religious opinions.

我們將華人社區與南安普敦的其他團體和社區聯繫起來;注重幫助弱勢群體 以增強他們的自信心,促進互助,支持促進融合,建立關愛和諧的社區。
Our mission:
We connect the Chinese community with other groups and community in Southampton; focus on empowering of the disadvantaged to strengthen their self-confidence, fostering mutual help and support promoting integration, building up a caring and harmonious community.

1. 向公眾推廣中國的藝術,文化和傳統。
2. 改善南安普敦市內及周邊華人社區的生活質素。
3. 加強鼓勵會員更加認識南安普敦市內其他文化組織。
Our overall objectives:
1. To promote the Chinese arts, culture and traditions to the general public.
2. To improve the quality of life for Chinese people living in and around the city of Southampton.
3. To actively encourage our members to seek a better understanding of other cultural groups in Southampton.

會章:2002, 2014, 2018, 2022
Constitution: 2002, 2014, 2018, 2022

南安普敦華人協會 是個註冊慈善機構,註冊號碼為1094390
The Chinese Association of Southampton is a registered charity, registration number: 1094390.

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