2024 Chinese New Year

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Chinese Association of Southampton

Chinese New Year Celebration “Year of the Dragon: Prosperity and Joy”
A Grand Chinese New Year Celebration in Southern England
To be held on the First Day of the Dragon Year

10 February 2024

Southampton Guildhall Square and Westquay Southampton!

For sponsorship inquiries or to sign up to join the celebration preparation team, parade team, volunteers, and more, please contact the Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) at cny@southamptonchinese.org.uk.

CAS has been hosting large-scale Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations since 2000, and it is about to enter its 24th year. The CNY event has become one of the most prominent featured events on the official calendar of Southampton City Council.

On the day of the celebration each year, Southampton witnesses mesmerizing dragon and lion dances, various splendid Chinese cultural performances, and a strong festive atmosphere. The Mayor and distinguished guests would join the celebration together with tens of thousands of local residents and visitors from across the South of UK. Everyone is welcome to enjoy lion and dragon dances, watch indoor and outdoor performances, and actively participate in interactive programs, getting a close experience of the unique charm of Chinese New Year.

In addition, major UK mainstream media outlets such as the BBC, ITV, Daily Echo, as well as Chinese media like the European Times and Chinese Headlines, would actively participate in reporting this CNY event. They pay special attention to the various outstanding performances. This event combines high-profile official support and extensive media attention, making it the best platform for the dissemination and promotion of Chinese culture with far-reaching influence.

For the 2024 CNY, the CAS Arts Group, along with Chinese art organizations from around the UK and art groups with Asian cultural backgrounds, will present a diverse and colorful artistic feast. We look forward to offering you a spectacular performance!

Chinese New Year Celebration Performance Recruitment

CAS sincerely invites artists, art groups from various UK communities, students studying in the UK, and Chinese institutions to participate and contribute excellent cultural programs to our celebration. If you have outstanding programs and talents, and you aspire to shine on the grand CNY stage in Southern England, CAS will provide you with the most splendid stage in Southampton!

Application Deadline for Performances: 20 November 2023, 8:00 PM (Please be sure to send in formal videos with performing costumes for evaluation). The results of the performance review will be notified to the teams in early January 2024. For the best results, it is recommended to record videos in landscape mode and send video files via WeTransfer to the program team’s email: cny@southamptonchinese.org.uk (please specify the team name and program name in the email subject). Each team can submit a maximum of three program applications.

Chinese New Year Celebration Volunteer Recruitment

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and responsible volunteers to participate in the CNY celebration. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and relevant materials to CAS email address: cny@southamptonchinese.org.uk.

Register to attend the Celebration

If you are interested in attending the celebration event, please register at this link. This will help us to know the number of participants and make it easier for us to provide the latest information to everyone. Please note that the seats in the Westquay area are reserved for VIPs and performers.

News Coverage for CNY 2024:

Chinese Association of Southampton Overview

Since its establishment in 1999, the CAS has been dedicated to engaging in community service for the Chinese community, voicing the concerns of the Chinese community as well as promoting the dissemination of Chinese art, culture, and traditions. CAS is one of the largest and most influential Chinese associations in the southern UK. Here are some of the links about the CNY celebration events organized by CAS in Southampton over the years:

2023 Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year Celebration: The Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Southampton, leaders from the Southampton City Council, and the Mayor of Eastleigh, together with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) as well as the Dragon and Lion Dance teams, gathered for a group photo at the Guildhall Square of Southampton.

The resounding sounds of gongs and drums filled the air, while five majestic dragons gracefully moved, at times tumbling and at times undulating, exuding the majesty and charm of the dragons. The lion dance’s lively movements, rolls and roars showcased the courage and strength of the lions. The audience marveled at this spectacular scene.

The parade, composed of the Dragon and Lion Dance teams and drum bands, weaved through the streets and alleys of the city, their deafening drumbeats attracting numerous residents to the streets, all coming together to witness this grand spectacle.

2020 Year of the Rat Chinese New Year Celebration: The Lord Mayor of Southampton, the Head of the Electronics and Computer Science School, community leaders, along with committee members of CAS and performers, posed for a photo on the stage at Westquay Southampton.

Every year during the Chinese New Year Celebration at Southampton, the martial arts teams from UK Wutan and CAS showcase stunning performances on the stage. Their martial arts and Tai Chi performances are grand, leaving the audience in awe.

Various Chinese art groups from the southern UK and the CAS Arts Group collaborate side by side, delivering magnificent performances on stage. The ethnic dances are vibrant and diverse.

The melodies of Chinese music presented by the CAS Arts Group are melodious and enchanting, immersing the audience. The guzheng’s strings produce a melodious tune, flowing like a clear spring, gentle and full of emotion. The flute’s harmony is like a gentle breeze, light and fresh. The Chinese drum resonates like thunder, injecting the music with powerful rhythms and strength. The audience is deeply captivated by this harmonious musical performance, as if immersed in a fascinating musical world.



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