Family Activity: Science and Mind Games

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) had another family activity on Saturday 29/10/22 at Cantell School.

Parents and children have had a great time exploring science through magnetic and spinning toys. We explored how electric and magnetic forces are linked, which lead to levitation. We also looked at how spinning force in a gyroscope can lead to anti-gravity performance.

Finally, we explored the wonder of human mind, which can solve so many problems including rubik’s cubes! We have 6 wonderful competitors in our Rubik’s Cube Tournament. Congratulations to our three winners below. Our champion completed the 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube in 34.5 seconds!

  1. Yishen Lu (34.5 seconds)
  2. Henry (2 minutes)
  3. Ethan (2 minutes 28 seconds)

Special thanks to our volunteers who helped to supervise the experiments and games:

  1. Arzia Abbasi
  2. Baoqi Liu
  3. Elisha Kuang
  4. Miko Lisiak
  5. Ronnie Cheung
  6. Vikkie Cheng
  7. Yanli Li

We are grateful to our supporter who sponsored the venue rental of this event. I am also indebt to all parents who helped to supervise their children. I hope that through our joint efforts, our children would be inspired to be the future scientists for more scientific discoveries and inventions.

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Thank you all.

Michael Ng