抗擊疫情和歧視 Fighting the Epidemic and Discrimination


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11) Independent 23/2/2020: Coronavirus: “Man racially abuses woman then knocks her friend unconscious after she confronts him”


南安普敦華人協會 與 學生和市長 聯手抗擊疫情 Chinese Association of Southampton joins forces with students and the Mayor to fight the epidemic

在2008年,南安普敦華人協會組織了一次為四川地震災區受害人民的大型捐款活動,一共籌集了 £19,058.15。

不幸 祖國 現今面臨 新型冠状病毒疫情南安普敦華人協會全體委員 正與 南安普敦大學學生 和 南安普敦市長 Cllr. Peter Baillie 聯手抗擊疫情。學生組織者們 包過:骆菲菲 Fifi,王书娴Suzy,韩徐晶 Xujing,王槐林 Lin,杨晔恺 Kai,罗宇博 Chuck,郭齐悦 Cheerio 等等。

2020年2月11日 南安華人協會和南安大學學生 在 南安市政廳 會見 南安市市長 Cllr. Peter Baillie。抗擊疫情的募捐得到 南安市長 的 大力支持。希望 各界熱心人士 也能加入我們的團隊 一起努力 聯手抗擊疫情


黃嵩鈞 博士
南安普敦華人協會 會長

In 2008, the Chinese Association of Southampton organized a large-scale donation to help the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, raising a total of £ 19,058.15.

Unfortunately, China is now facing a novel coronavirus epidemic. The Chinese Association of Southampton committee is working with students from the University of Southampton and the Mayor of Southampton Cllr. Peter Baillie to fight the epidemic. Student organizers include: Luo Feifei, Wang Shuxian, Han Xujing, Wang Huailin, Yang Kaikai, Luo Yubo, Guo Qiyue etc.

On 11th February 2020, the Chinese Association of Southampton and Southampton University students have met the Mayor of Southampton Cllr. Peter Baillie at Southampton Civic Centre. Our fundraising to fight the epidemic has received the full support from the Mayor. I hope that kind-hearted people from all walks of life can join our effort and work together to fight the epidemic!

Updates: By 4th March 2020, we have managed to raise £10097.09 (see the donation list at the end of this page).

Dr Michael Ng
Chinese Association of Southampton Chairperson


[pdf] The above poster is designed by Zehao Lin. 以上海报的设计师是 林泽浩。

The above 6 posters are designed by Yunfeng Li. 以上六张海报的设计师是 李云峰。



Fighting the Novel Coronavirus and Protecting Medical Staff. We call for your action!

The medical staff have always been there as our health guardians, it is now time for us to guard them and be their strongest backup!

At the end of 2019, the outbreak of the 2019-nCoV in Hubei, China, caught the attention of Chinese people all around the world. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have been following the news closely, feeling worried about the spread of the virus, distressed by the suffering of our compatriots, and concerned about the health and safety of all frontline medical staff.

(Thousands of Chinese doctors volunteered for the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak. They are overwhelmed, under-equipped, exhausted, and even dying. THE CENTRAL HOSPITAL OF WUHAN VIA WEIBO /via REUTERS)

(The scene at the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital on January 25, one day after the city was put into lockdown. Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

Currently thousands of medical staff are fighting relentlessly in the frontline against the virus day and night to protect us, taking huge health risks whilst separated from their families and friends. Although distance separates us, the Chinese community in Southampton wishes to support the honorable medical staff by helping to reduce their infection risks through adequate access to essential protective medical supplies.

Recently, almost all the hospitals in the affected areas in China are facing desperate shortages of medical supplies. Many hospitals in Wuhan, Xiaogan, Xinyang, and Wenzhou have run out of protective medical equipment and have started to call for help from the global community through their official channels. The Chinese Association of Southampton is now in contact with British medical material manufacturers, international logistic suppliers, and the mainland hospitals facing scarce medical shortages to find ways to replenish critical supplies from the UK. To accelerate our efforts, we are calling for your help to enable us to procure and deliver more medical equipment for the mainland hospitals needing help.

(Due to medical supplies shortage, medical staff use medical alcohol to disinfect the protective glasses and use them repeatedly, photo taken by China Daily.)

We are hereby formally launching a fundraising campaign to help fight against the 2019-nCoV epidemic, and are calling for help from all the overseas Chinese, students, and friends in Southampton and the United Kingdom who wish to join our efforts. Every pound you donate will make a difference to protect the safety of the frontline hospital and medical staff. We need and appreciate your help!

Donation information
Donation Account:
Bank Name: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-42-19
A/C No.: 91367269
A/C Name: Chinese Association of Southampton
Charity No.: 1094390

When you donate, please fill in the Reference: soton
For anonymous donation, please fill in the Reference: soton0

All donations will be used to procure medical supplies to be delivered to hospitals in China fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The first round of donations will be closed by 4pm, Sunday 23rd February 2020. Chinese Association of Southampton will display the proceed details on our official website. Our commitment is that all the proceeds will be used for the procurement of medical supplies (medical protective clothing, goggles, medical gloves, etc.) that are short in supply in China. The purchased supplies will be delivered to the Mainland as soon as possible through the fastest logistical means, and donated directly to first-line hospitals in mainland China. The details of expenditures related to materials purchased, logistics and transportation will be publicized throughout our official channel and we welcome the supervision from the society.

If you use WeChat and want to join us, or if you experience any problems when making a donation, please scan the QR-code to contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions and update details with you.

Thanks again for your kindness! Cheer for China!



Fundraising poster

Fundraising status report
See the bottom of this page.






(data source: WHO on Feb 6th https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/situation-reports/20200206-sitrep-17-ncov.pdf?sfvrsn=17f0dca_4 )

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以生命發出疫情警示的英雄李文亮醫生 連夜乘動車趕往壹線的鐘南山院士




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湖北及周邊地區醫院網上po出求助信息 由於醫療用品有限,醫護人員用醫用酒精消毒護目鏡反復使用,中國日報攝



Bank Account: Chinese Association of Southampton
Account No.: 91367269
Sort Code: 404219
Bank Name: HSBC

請統一轉賬至南安普敦華人協會賬戶,轉賬時請註明【 soton 】;如果不想公示名字,轉帳時請註明【soton0】

第一批善款募集將會於2020年2月23日下午4時截止。屆時,南安普敦華人協會將通過bank statement 統一公示捐款人及金額。




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