2022 中秋節慶祝晚會 Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner

名額有限,請盡快通過 Eventbrite 報名 然後把線上付款的截圖 電郵給協會。
Places are limited, please register at Eventbrite quickly and then email us the payment screenshot after online payment is done.

Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mid-autumnn-festival-dinner-tickets-401669021857
Email: info@southamptonchinese.org.uk

南安華人協會 親子活動 CAS Family Activities

Theme: Team Wars
Date: Sat 20/8/22
Time: 3pm-4pm
Location: Cantell School Gym

Registration link:

Free for members of the Chinese Association of Southampton. £2 per person for non-member.

Parents of participants are free to watch and to join (depending on the activities).

Once registered, please send the name and age of your child (and name of parent) to the following email, in order for us to organize the games:


南安華人協會7月份亮點 CAS July 2022 Highlights

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) has participated in the Southampton Mela on Saturday 16th July 2022 at Hoglands Park. CAS members have displayed our Chinese culture through Taichi, Chinese dance and Chinese music (guzheng and flute), which have attracted many people.  We met many friends and have had a great time on the day.  We will definitely participate again next year with more colourful performances.  Thank you so much Art Asia for organising the event and to all the performers.

[click the photo to see the photo album]

CAS has also participated in the Eastleigh Mela on Sunday 24th July 2022 at Leigh Road Recreation Ground. We have performed dragon dance, Chinese Kungfu, Taichi, Line dancing, Fan dancing, Chinese flute and Guzheng. We also have workshops on Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese chess. Thanks to Asian Welfare and Cultural Association (AWCA) for organizing the event as well as to all our members and friends who contributed to the performance. We have met many nice people and have enjoyed a wide range of cultural performances. We enjoyed the company of Eastleigh Mayor Cllr Adam Manning. We have had a great time and will bring more colourful Chinese cultural performances for the coming years.

Apart from the above two Melas, some CAS members have also participated in the TriFest at Riverside Park on Saturday 23rd July 2022. Our performance on the day includes Chinese flute, Chinese dance, Chinese Kungfu and Taichi. TriFest is a free community festival along the lines of a village fete, which is worth supporting. Thanks to the organizer and our performers.

On Tuesday 26th July 2022, CAS has organised a day trip to Stourhead National Trust.  The weather was excellent on the day.  We set off on time at 9am from Southampton.  A total of 53 members and friends joined the Stourhead trip and all of us enjoyed the trip so much. Our last day trip was back in August 2019. Two volunteer staffs from the Stourhead National Trust have given us introduction of the Stourhead House and Gardens.  The gardens and walk were absolutely beautiful with old buildings and big trees dotted around a beautiful lake.  We wandered through the atmospheric moats and rose gardens of medieval-era Wells, and discovered the stunning estates of Palladian Mansion and Stourhead.  We had our packed lunch, tea and ice-cream at the local inn.  It is truly one of the world’s greatest landscape gardens that we must visit.  We have had a great time there and finally returned to Southampton around 6:30pm.

Some of our members have also practiced shadowless-hand kungfu at Stourhead Landscape Garden.

COVID-19 疫苗接種 Covid Vaccination

南安普頓大學健康服務 設有免預約的COVID-19疫苗接種服務,任何符合條件的人士都歡迎。

電話:023 8055 7531

  • 加強針
  • 未完成第二針新冠疫苗接種的人
  • 大於75歲的老年人,可以進行第四劑的加強針
  • 免疫力低下的群體,可以進行第四劑的加強針
  • 5-11歲的兒童,可以進行第一針和第二針
  • 處於Covid-19的高風險的12-18歲的青少年,需要第一針、第二針或者加強針

University Southampton Health Service Covid vaccination service.

Time: every Saturday 1pm-5pm at the University Health Service (Building 48 on Highfield campus).
University Health Service: 023 8055 7531
Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/xbzMZ6BHyBekbYjV6

Suitable for:

  • getting a booster
  • for those who have not completed the primary course of vaccination
  • > 75 years who may need a 4th booster
  • For those who are immunosuppressed who may need a 4th booster
  • Children 5-11 years-1st and 2nd dose
  • Children between 12-18 1st, 2nd and booster needed if they are at high risk of Covid-19

南安普敦華人協會聲明 2022年4月23日

南安普敦華人協會 (CAS) 是一家在英國註冊的慈善機構,旨在:
1. 促進南安普敦及周邊地區居民的利益, 無分性別或政治、宗教或其他觀點的區別。
2. 推進公眾對中華藝術、文化和傳統的教育。

最近媒體有錯誤報導,誤導讀者以為華萍女士是本會的創辨人。CAS的第一任主席是來自香港的张桂明博士,而華萍女士當時只是委員之一。華萍女士於2011年尾退出CAS,以後並無參與本會事務。香港BNO Welcome項目是由本屆委員會申請的,與華萍女士無關。現任委員會成員可以在這裡查明


南安普敦華人協會 委員會

Statement from the Chinese Association of Southampton

The Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) is a registered UK charity that aims to:

  1. promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Southampton and the surrounding area without distinction of sex or political, religious or other opinions.
  2. advance the education of the public in Chinese arts, culture and traditions.

CAS was founded in 1999 by local Chinese people for the above objectives. Members and leaders of CAS may have diverse political views but we do not encourage political discussion within our organisation.  Their personal works and lives are independent from CAS. Again, personal opinions of previous or existing CAS members do not represent that of CAS.

Recently, there is an erroneous report in the media, misleading readers into thinking that Ms. Ping Hua is the founder of CAS. The first chairperson of CAS was Dr. Jack Cheung from Hong Kong (HK), while Ms. Ping Hua was only one of the committee members at that time. Ms. Ping Hua left CAS at the end of 2011 and has not participated in the affairs of CAS since then. The Hong Kong BNO Welcome project application was done by the current CAS committee and has nothing to do with Ms. Ping Hua. The current CAS committee members can be found in this link.

All Chinese-ethnic people are welcome to join CAS, whether they are from China, HK, Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world. We treat everyone equally without distinction of sex, political, religious or other opinions. We have a wide range of local knowledge and expertise to help all newcomers, including those from HK, to settle down successfully at Southampton.

CAS Committee

農曆新年 2022 Chinese New Year

南安華人協會將於2022年1月30日週日 於WestQuay慶祝農曆新年。華人協會在南安慶祝農曆新年廿多年,在促進多元文化發展,支持本地商業發展等方面起到了至關重要的作用。
1) 表演節目(如 音樂,舞蹈,武術,太極,話劇,歌唱,舞龍,書法):如果您能夠出來表演或者想接受訓練,請聯繫黃會長。
2) 義工(如 幫忙維持秩序,佈置):如果您能夠幫忙當義工,請聯繫Vikkie副會長。
3) 贊助(如 舞台,音響和演出的費用):如果您有心贊助新年活動,請聯繫Yammie秘書。值得一提的是,如果您贊助£100或以上,2022年的會費就免了。如果您是以自己的公司/餐館贊助£100或以上,我們還會把您公司/餐館的標誌 放上 海報和網頁。農曆新年慶祝當天,協會將會在Westquay展示您的店鋪商標,我們還會並於節目中報出贊助£100或以上的贊助商和贊助者,以感謝他們。


Dear all,
The Chinese Association of Southampton will celebrate the Chinese New Year at Westquay on Sunday 30th January 2022.
The Chinese Association has celebrated the Chinese New Year in Southampton for more than 20 years. It has played a vital role in promoting multicultural development and supporting local business development.
The celebration will also provide valuable performance opportunity for cultural groups, as well as
market promotion opportunity for supermarkets and merchants in Southampton. The Southampton Chinese Association is now recruiting sponsors, performers and volunteers for the celebration.

1) Performance programs (such as music, dance, martial arts, Taichi, drama, singing, dragon dance, calligraphy): If you can perform or want to receive training, please contact the Chairperson Michael Ng.

2) Volunteers (such as helping to maintain order and decoration): If you can help as a volunteer, please contact the Vice-Chair Vikkie Cheng.

3) Sponsorship (such as the cost of stage, sound and performance): If you are interested in sponsoring this Chinese New Year event, please contact the Secretary Yammie Lam. It is worth mentioning that if you sponsor £100 or more, the 2022 membership fee will be waived. If you sponsor £100 or more on behalf of your own company/restaurant, we will also put your company/restaurant logo on the poster and website. On the day of the Chinese New Year celebration, the Association will display your logo at Westquay, we will also report all sponsors (and their company/restaurant) who have sponsored £100 or more in the program, as token of appreciation.

Thank you all for your support to the Association.

Michael Ng (Chairperson)

中国籍大学生被骗 Chinese Students were Defrauded



一名冒充中国大使馆官员的男子打电话给他们。电话里说 他们的中国身份证信息被盗用于开设银行账户,并涉及严重的金融犯罪,而他们是嫌疑人。然后他们被传送给一个伪装成华裔警察的人。骗子说,虽然他们还没有被定为罪犯,但他们可能被引渡回中国做进一步调查。如果引渡发生,他们就不能再在英国学习。然后他们被传递给 伪华裔警察的上司 来帮助他们。

两位学生都被吓坏了,完全相信了来电者。他们被要求在手机和笔记本电脑上安装一个名为 Telegram 的软件。罪犯使用 Telegram 监视了学生2天。另一名伪民警随后联系他们说 他们需要申请“保释候审”并需要缴纳押金。结果学生支付了数次,付上了很大一笔人民币。他们还继续要求越来越多的钱,说有困难 必须支付更多的保证金。

警方的欺诈调查小组正在处理这两起案件。警方建议协会向所有学生和社区传播一些预防犯罪的建议。我们需要采取额外的预防措施来信任电话中的人和索要钱财的人。如果有人声称来自中国大使馆或警察,我们都需要保持警惕。如果你接到这样的电话,你应该要求对方提供身份证明号码,并告诉他们你将通过官方网站上的号码回电,而不是他们提供的号码。不要寄钱。向警方或 Action Fraud 网站报告任何犯罪行为。


另外,我也从Action Fraud 网站找到以下 ‘防止欺诈的十个黄金法则’:


防止欺诈的十个黄金法则 记住这十个黄金法则,能帮助你防止欺诈和打击骗子。
1. 怀疑一切“好得令人难以置信”的优惠和交易。世上没有能够被保证的快速致富方案。
2. 不要马上同意提议或交易。做出决定前,坚持要求时间以获取独立意见或者法律意见。
3. 不要付款或签署任何东西,直到你已经核实了某人的身份信息和他们公司的资质证明。
4. 无论身在英国还是海外,永远不要把钱交给你不认识或不信任的人,不要使用你不放心的付款方式。
5. 永远不要把你的银行或个人信息提供给你不认识或不信任的人。这些信息是很宝贵的,所以你要确定保护好它。
6. 每次都要直接登录网页,而不是从电子邮件中点击链接。
7. 不要只是依赖好评,要找到可信赖的和独立的证据来证明一个公司的成功。
8. 如果一个提议涉及金钱、时间或者承诺,每次都要寻求独立意见或者法律意见。
9. 如果你发现诈骗,或者已经被骗,请举报并寻求帮助。
10. 不要为举报诈骗而尴尬。因为骗子狡猾而且精明,被骗并不羞愧。举报诈骗,你将使骗子更难欺骗别人。

黄会长 鞠躬
[感谢会员赵亮帮忙翻译 ‘防止欺诈的十个黄金法则’]



一名冒充中國大使館官員的男子打電話給他們。電話裡說 他們的中國身份證信息被盜用於開設銀行賬戶,並涉及嚴重的金融犯罪,而他們是嫌疑人。 然後他們被傳送給一個偽裝成華裔警察的人。 騙子說,雖然他們還沒有被定為罪犯,但他們可能被引渡回中國做進一步調查。 如果引渡發生,他們就不能再在英國學習。 然後他們被傳遞給 偽華裔警察的上司 來幫助他們。

兩位學生都被嚇壞了,完全相信了來電者。 他們被要求在手機和筆記本電腦上安裝一個名為 Telegram 的軟件。 罪犯使用 Telegram 監視了學生2天。 另一名偽民警隨後聯繫他們說 他們需要申請“保釋候審”並需要繳納押金。結果學生支付了數次, 付上了很大一筆人民幣。 他們還繼續要求越來越多的錢,說有困難 必須支付更多的保證金。

警方的欺詐調查小組正在處理這兩起案件。警方建議協會向所有學生和社區傳播一些預防犯罪的建議。 我們需要採取額外的預防措施來信任電話中的人和索要錢財的人。如果有人聲稱來自中國大使館或警察,我們都需要保持警惕。 如果你接到這樣的電話,你應該要求對方提供身份證明號碼,並告訴他們你將通過官方網站上的號碼回電,而不是他們提供的號碼。不要寄錢。 向警方或 Action Fraud 網站報告任何犯罪行為。


另外,我也從Action Fraud 網站找到以下 ‘防止欺诈的十个黄金法则’:


1. 懷疑一切“好得令人難以置信”的優惠和交易。世上沒有能夠被保證的快速致富方案。
2. 不要馬上同意提議或交易。做出決定前,堅持要求時間以獲取獨立意見或者法律意見。
3. 不要付款或簽署任何東西,直到你已經核實了某人的身份信息和他們公司的資質證明。
4. 無論身在英國還是海外,永遠不要把錢交給你不認識或不信任的人,不要使用你不放心的付款方式。
5. 永遠不要把你的銀行或個人信息提供給你不認識或不信任的人。這些信息是很寶貴的,所以你要確定保護好它。
6. 每次都要直接登錄網頁,而不是從電子郵件中點擊鏈接。
7. 不要只是依賴好評,要找到可信賴的和獨立的證據來證明一個公司的成功。
8. 如果一個提議涉及金錢、時間或者承諾,每次都要尋求獨立意見或者法律意見。
9. 如果你發現詐騙,或者已經被騙,請舉報並尋求幫助。
10. 不要為舉報詐騙而尷尬。因為騙子狡猾而且精明,被騙並不羞愧。舉報詐騙,你將使騙子更難欺騙別人。

黃會長 鞠躬
[感謝會員趙亮幫忙翻譯 ‘防止欺詐的十個黃金法則’]

Dear all,

A few days ago, police contacted the Association warning us that two Chinese students had been defrauded a large sum of money.

They have been called by a man pretending to be an officer from Chinese Embassy. They were told that their Chinese ID information was stolen and used to open a bank account, and it is involved in a serious financial crime. They became the suspects.

Then they were transfered to a man pretending to be a Chinese police. The fake police said that although they had not been identified as criminals yet, they may need to be extradited back to China for further enquiries. If the extradition happens, they cannot study in the UK anymore.  They were then passed onto to the fake police’s superior for further ‘assistance’.

Both students have been really terrified and they believed the caller.  They were asked to install a software called Telegram, both on their phone and laptop. Then the criminal monitored the students using Telegram for 2 days. Another fake police officer then made contact and said they have to pay for a security deposit to apply for a “post a bail and await trial” and they ended up paying them several times and totaling a huge amount Chinese yuan.  They continued to ask for more and more money saying there were difficulties and they must pay more security deposit.
Both crimes are being dealt with by the police’s Fraud Investigation team. Police advised the Association to disseminate some crime prevention advice to all students and community. We need take extra precaution in trusting the person over the phone and those that request for money. We all need to stay alert if someone claims to be from the Chinese Embassy or Police. If you receive such call, you should ask for their ID number and told them that you will call them back from a number on Official website, not a number they provided. Don’t send any money. Report any crime to either police or Action Fraud website.

The embassy would not take the initiative to contact individuals. If bail is delivered, it should be judged in court. There is no extradition treaty between China and Britain.

Furthermore, I have also found the following ‘Ten golden rules to prevent fraud’ from the Action Fraud website:


Ten golden rules to prevent fraud
Remember these ten golden rules to help you prevent fraud and beat the scammers.
1.    Be suspicious of all ‘too good to be true’ offers and deals. There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes.
2.    Don’t agree to offers or deals immediately. Insist on time to get independent or legal advice before making a decision.
3.    Don’t hand over money or sign anything until you’ve checked someone’s credentials and their company’s.
4.    Never send money to anyone you don’t know or trust, whether in the UK or abroad, or use methods of payment you’re not comfortable with.
5.    Never give banking or personal details to anyone you don’t know or trust. This information is valuable so make sure you protect it.
6.    Always log on to a website directly rather than clicking on links in an email.
7.    Don’t just rely on glowing testimonials. Find solid, independent evidence of a company’s success.
8.    Always get independent or legal advice if an offer involves money, time or commitment.
9.    If you spot a scam or have been scammed, report it and get help.
10.    Don’t be embarrassed about reporting a scam. Because the scammers are cunning and clever there’s no shame in being deceived. By reporting it, you’ll make it more difficult for them to deceive others.

Michael Ng

慶祝廿二週年和中秋節 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival and 22nd Anniversary Celebration

海上昇明月,天涯共此時。 2021年9月21日下午5時半,JRC環球餐廳變得人潮湧動,喜慶熱鬧,英國南安普敦華人協會約250餘人相聚於此,喜迎中秋佳節共慶廿二週年。
中秋節是中國傳統節日中最具人文情懷的節日,慶祝活動自然少不了中國傳統文化藝術表演,舞獅,竹笛 等表演不時引來陣陣掌聲和歡呼聲。一陣鑼鼓喧天后,搖頭擺尾神氣昂揚的舞獅表演將晚會推向高潮,鄧志堅師傅帶領的忠信龍獅團舞獅表演令孩子們著迷,也為晚會增添了喜慶歡樂的氛圍。多才多藝的黃嵩鈞會長,一曲竹笛演奏,旋律靈透,沁人心脾,勾起思鄉之情。弘揚中國傳統文化是華人協會的宗旨之一,通過‘講好中國故事’ 李異青先生動情地講解中秋節來歷,習俗等知識,讓出生在海外的小朋友們走進中秋文化,感受節日的美好以及中國傳統文化的魅力。特別嘉賓‘花木蘭’還穿越到場助興。

報告來自 康洪彬⼥⼠



The Chinese Association of Southampton successfully held the “22nd Anniversary and Mid-Autumn Festival” Gala

“The moon rises above the sea, and the whole world shares this moment”. At 5:30pm on 21st September 2021, JRC Global Buffet became crowded with festive atmosphere. About 250 people from the Chinese Association of Southampton gathered here to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 22nd anniversary. This is the largest gathering of the Asociation since the outbreak of the pandemic. Such large scale celebration is the best interpretation and demonstration of the beautiful life of overseas Chinese. Members bring their families, children and friends together to join the event with such a high degree of enthusiasm and participation. This shows the love and expectation to the big family of the Chinese Association. The committee members took great pains to organize and to plan a variety of activities and programmes. They began to arrange the scene and test the audio equipment from the early afternoon, for ensuring that the party can be held successfully.

This event received support and participation from people of all walks of life in Southampton. The Sheriff of Southampton, Cabinet Members for ‘Communities, Culture and Heritage’, as well as the Chief Inspector delivered speeches and sent festive greetings to all. Yau Brothers Supermarket, Szechuen Kitchen and Shanghai Bay Chinese Restaurant provided material support for this event.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival with the most humanistic feeling among the traditional Chinese festivals. Naturally, the celebrations include traditional Chinese cultural and artistic performances, including lion dance and bamboo flutes that drew applause and cheers. After a tumult of gongs and drums, the unique lion dance performance pushed the party to a climax. The lion dance performance of the Waterside Lion Dance Group led by Master Tang fascinated the children and added the festive and joyful atmosphere to the party. The gifted chairperson Michael Ng played a bamboo flute, with a brilliant melody, which is refreshing and also evokes homesickness. Promoting traditional Chinese culture is one of the objectives of the Chinese Association. Mr Matthew Li passionately explained the origins, customs and other knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival, allowing children born overseas to enter the Mid-Autumn Festival culture and feel the beauty and charm of the traditional Chinese culture and festival. The special guest “Mulan” also time-traveled to the scene, cheering up the celebration.

Respect and love for the elderly have always been the traditional virtues of the Chinese people. Committee members of the association presented the red-package and sincere care to over 70-year-old senior members. These cordial blessings put happy smiles on the faces of the senior members. There were also quiz and raffle draw sessions at the party. While tasting a variety of delicacies, members also have the opportunity to win prizes. Everyone actively participated in the sessions, and the atmosphere of the scene reached another climax. The party ended successfully with everyone singing and laughing.

Reported by Ms Hongbin Kang