COVID-19 疫苗接種 Covid Vaccination

南安普頓大學健康服務 設有免預約的COVID-19疫苗接種服務,任何符合條件的人士都歡迎。

電話:023 8055 7531

  • 加強針
  • 未完成第二針新冠疫苗接種的人
  • 大於75歲的老年人,可以進行第四劑的加強針
  • 免疫力低下的群體,可以進行第四劑的加強針
  • 5-11歲的兒童,可以進行第一針和第二針
  • 處於Covid-19的高風險的12-18歲的青少年,需要第一針、第二針或者加強針

University Southampton Health Service Covid vaccination service.

Time: every Saturday 1pm-5pm at the University Health Service (Building 48 on Highfield campus).
University Health Service: 023 8055 7531
Google maps link:

Suitable for:

  • getting a booster
  • for those who have not completed the primary course of vaccination
  • > 75 years who may need a 4th booster
  • For those who are immunosuppressed who may need a 4th booster
  • Children 5-11 years-1st and 2nd dose
  • Children between 12-18 1st, 2nd and booster needed if they are at high risk of Covid-19

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